CMS or HTML website..?

By Vinod P. J  | Mar 31, 2017  | Post Comment  |  Share

html or cms web design

 I got a call from an old friend of mine the other day. The subject of his call was that He had been contacted by a web design agency offering to develop a dynamic website for him and he seemed thrilled that he could create and edit pages on his own. He asked me if it was important to have a CMS website. My answer was "It depends".
 A small website with no content being updated over a long period of time does not call for a CMS. A small website can be designed using HTML, the native language of the web. In a HTML website you can let your creativity flow without constraints. On the contrary a CMS website has lot of parameters to be kept in mind while going around with the development.

Who can use a CMS ?

Anyone who can use a computer and having working knowledge of popular text editing software will not find it difficult working with a CMS. Wordpress is among the most user friendly CMS around. A client struggling with wordpress is definitely going to find it a nightmare to be working with either Joomla or Drupal.

Disadvantages of CMS

CMS websites take slightly longer to load. Having a CMS website makes life easier for a hacker. A typical hacker looks for vulnerabilities that a developer has left open.

Article written by Vinod.P.J, Project Manager at Sparkz web design agency

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